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Choose Your Adventure

Sip & Savour

Creston Wine Tour, Creston Booze Cruise, and Farm to Table Tour.


Design your own tour

Customize your own tour stops!

Choose a 1/2 day (5 hours) or a full day (8 hours) and explore a variety of local businesses.


Explore Outdoors

Hiking Tours, Bike Tour, and Water Sports Equipment Rentals.


Arts & Culture

Galleries featuring sculpture, painting, pottery, Indigenous art, etc.

bachelorette 1.jpg

The Bachelorette 

Gather your ladies and customize your very own bachelorette with us!

formal 1.jpg

The Classical

The classical tour is as fancy as it gets. Show up in your best attire and be treated like and Queen or King. 

dress up  2.jpg


Want a themed tour?! 80s theme, dress up, birthday theme, whatever you theme you can dream of we can make it reality! Customize your themed tour with us.

casual - where whateva you want  1.jpg


Keep it casual and customize your own personal tour.

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